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The City Beverage Company Ltd


The City Beverage Company is an independent specialist wine and Beverage Company located in Shoreditch, London.

They supply wines, spirits, beer, teas and coffee from all over the globe, focusing on the very best produce each region has to offer. Their quest is to source an eclectic collection that is been introduced to them trough passionate local producers in all the major growing areas of the world, as well as some very interesting and lesser known regions. The result is a comprehensive list of high quality and diverse wines, spirits and beverages whatever the price.

Is highly recommended to join their mailing list to receive information about tastings, events and special offers at the City Beverage Company.

City Beverage Company
303 Old Street
EC1V 9lA

Tel: 020 7729 2111
Fax: 020 7729 1390


Company No.: 3814646


Finding a decent wine shop is our key to getting more out of wine, and that’s the case with The City Beverage Company Ltd. As soon you’ll strike a relationship with them, the road to better drinking begins.

They have a team of passionate, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable staff working here, making this place ideal for asking about wine recommendations, because their emphasis is being placed on the quality of products.

A part from one-on-one service, independent wine merchants can offer range where the bigger players cannot. We’re not simply talking about the number of wines stocked; we’re talking about a mixture of small-scale, off-the-beaten track, artisan producers alongside low-volume, super-premium classic from those with established and well-earned reputations.

How wines are displayed will vary from merchant to merchant, but most commonly wines are grouped by variety and/or country.

The more information that you can give your local independent about what you like to drink including, price, variety, country, style, loves and hates, the closer they’re likely to get to finding you something that really stacks up. From here the trick is letting them lead you. Allow them to show new tings.

The other great advantage to buying wine from an independent wine merchant is that they offer a mailing list. Mailing lists are a great way to find out about a range of regular customer events such as weekly tasting; if you’re looking to expand your drinking repertoire, these offer the perfect opportunity to try before you buy. From small and quirky through to ultra premium, this is often where you’ll find the best combination of hard-to-get products and expert service.

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