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The Hawksmoor a British Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar in London


Hawksmoor's restaurant is the perfect meat specialists for meat-lovers and the perfect setting for a restaurant that is centred around tradition and gastronomy.

Located in east London, is the heaven for carnivores. Many people say, that in this restaurant you can find the best steak in England. “The steak was pink, tender, moist and velvety, with a charcoal grilled flavour that was just incredible.”

The Hawksmoor, has teamed up with Tim Wilson, of the famous English butchery The Ginger Pig, to offer steaks come from his stock of 1,200 rare breed longhorns, they raise happy animals, which are fed grass, on prime land in North Yorkshire and Dorset. The Hawksmoor is one of very few restaurants they've agreed to supply to.

In reality rare breeds are not mass manufactured and often only available to selected butchers. Their diet and living conditions are highly controlled resulting in a better quality of meat.

The meat is offered in weight, so you choose your cut - rump, bone-in sirloin, ribeye, portherhouse, you name it - and they'll give you a choice of grams according to what they have in.

This encourages sharing and adds to uniqueness of the dining experience at the Hawksmoor.

To sum up the Hawksmoor has quickly become a fiercely loved steak and cocktails institution among London foodies. Their cocktails are wide ranging, expertly made, and some have cute anecdotes attached. Highly recommended trying “The History of the Cocktail in Ten Drinks”.

Make sure you get here early though as it’s a house favourite and is often sold out by 9 p.m. The side dishes cannot be overlooked and you should not miss out on the opportunity for beef dripping chips.

The ambience is smart and the staff is friendly and charming.

157 Commercial Street
London E1 6BJ
Tel: 020 7247 7392

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