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Grupo Amorim - Producción de Tapones de Corcho


Actualmente, el grupo Amorim, propiedad de Américo Amorim, una de las mayor fortunas de Portugal y principal accionista individual del Banco Popular en España y de la petrolera Galp en Portugal, produce 3.000 millones de tapones de corcho al año, el 25% de la cuota mundial del sector.

Américo Ferreira de Amorim (Mozelos, Santa Maria da Feira, 21 de Julio 1934) es un empresario português. Según la revista Forbes, es el más rico de Portugal en la actualidad. Su fortuna tiene origen en una empresa familiar de corcho, llamada Corticeira Amorim, que es actualmente la mayor productora de corcho a nivel mundial. Además, fundó el Banco Comercial Portugués.

- Corticeira Amorim: is the biggest world producer of cork products and one of the most international of all Portuguese companies, with operations in dozens of countries and all continents.

For more than a century it has been at the heart of this activity and has made a decisive contribution to the spread of cork throughout the world.

At the present time, cork applications include not only traditional high value-added products such as the cork stopper, but also products that incorporate advanced manufacturing technology and high R&D standards. Consequently, Corticeira Amorim makes available a vast portfolio of high quality products, for incorporation into such diversified and demanding industries as the aeronautical, construction and wine-producing industries.

- History: The Amorim Group’s long successful record dates back to 1870 with the launch of a small family-run cork producing unit to supply the local wine industry in Portugal.

Having evolved for over a century, the Group’s reach has expanded substantially through well performed diversification, international expansion and professional drive. The Group’s development has been built on a high degree of fundamental principles to ensure the sustainable growth of each investment: entrepreneurial strength, permanent innovation, long term strategic vision, robust finance, rigorous management and efficient resource allocation with a special emphasis on human resources.

The Amorim Group holds a leading position in the cork industry and the business still constitutes its largest core operation, although it has expanded onto other business areas including real estate, tourism, telecommunications, textiles, and high quality natural sustainable products, such as Port and red wines.

The asset portfolio and operational structure of the Amorim Group was reorganized in 2005 with the business interests centered in the Corticeira Amorim and in the Amorim Desenvolvimento, a subholding company with consolidating diversified assets in areas of textile, wine production, services and infrastructure.

More recently however, in 2008, and in line with the entrepreneurial spirit of the Group, Amorim Global investors, a new subholding entity was set up to serve as the investment platform of direct participations in companies, building on the experience, vision and vast global network of the Amorim Group to ensure the development of new business opportunities.

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