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Atrio Restaurant (Caceres - Spain)


- Address: pl. San Mateo 1 E - 10003 Cáceres
- Contact: Phone: 927242928; E-mail:; Website:
- Menu prices: Menu: 99€/ 119€ - Carte: 85€/110€ A particularly interesting wine list
- Cuisine: creative
- Remarks: A restaurant that combines history and contemporary trends to perfection. The chef creates innovative cuisine featuring classic combinations, superb textures and flavours of extraordinary purity. The wine cellar, which can be visited by guests, is considered the jewel in Atrio's crown.
- Specialities: Cigala, careta de cerdo y jugo cremoso. Pluma ibérica, melocotones salteados y puré de berros. Torta del Casar en contraste con membrillo y aceite especiado.

Atrio serves the finest cuisine in the entire province. The food at this restaurant, recently opened at the new Relais & Chateaux hotel in the old walled town, is exquisite. Juan Antonio Pérez and José Polo, the team behind the Atrio experience, have created a new international culinary landmark in the historic city of Cáceres, a singular place situated at the crossroads of Iberian culture and history. Their tireless quest to offer their guests an ever-higher level of culinary excellence and hospitality has made Atrio a legendary destination for the most discriminating gourmet traveller.

Atrio is the Spanish word for atrium, a central element of traditional Mediterranean architectural design that dates back to antiquity and is the metaphorical heart of the family home in the Iberian world. Also known as the interior patio or inner courtyard, it is the culminating point of all pathways that lead from the realms of the intimate to the celebration of shared experience. Atrio is the spatial embodiment of the encounter between host and guest and between personal retreat and social interaction.


Atrio is the physical manifestation of an act of faith in a highly personal vision and the creative complicity between its owners and the architects who designed it. The long process of bringing it to fruition was an ongoing forum of ideas around a concept of harmony and fellowship that enriched the lives of all involved.

Atrio is also the stimulating magic of ongoing encounters and the art of creating an inimitable atmosphere of hospitality. It is a gathering point for clients, friends, culinary critics and members of Atrio’s staff and a place where guests can enjoy Toño’s masterful cuisine and the remarkable wines selected by José for the restaurant’s state-of-the state cellar.

The owners’ twenty-five years of dedication to the art of hospitality in Cáceres and the chef’s frequent forays into the world of international gastronomy have made Atrio a bastion of unparalleled good taste and impeccably crafted signature cuisine.


Situated in the heart of an old town centre designated a world heritage site by UNESCO, the building is a brilliant fusion of the traditional architectural canons of its surroundings and the aesthetics of the present. The interplay of Atrio’s architectural elements, from the stone exterior walls to its refined interior details, creates a delightful haven for all the senses.


The hotel is an architectural jewel artfully placed in a magnificent historical setting. The slow progression of the volumes that make up the building follow a simple, unified architectural canon in harmony with its surroundings. The interior unfolds in a series of coordinated spaces that together express a natural sense of tranquillity: a metaphorical atrium that engages all the senses. The interaction of the changing natural light with the building’s architectural elements is forever evolving; it places the visitor in the serene epicentre of an artful play of real and imaginary perspectives that range from the most intimate to the most distant: shimmering reflections, asymmetries, and transparencies interwoven with colours and textures.


More than anything else, Atrio is place of unexpected encounters. It is the essence of Cáceres itself, nurtured into a concrete reality by its creators, José and Toño. Fusing all the elements a visitor could wish for into a welcoming oasis surrounded by the treasures of Extremaduran heritage, Atrio stands as testimony to the lifelong commitment of two consummate professionals devoted to the world of gastronomy and their felicitous collaboration with the award-winning architectural team of Emilio Tuñón Álvarez and Luis Moreno Mansilla.


Moving and magnificent in its space contemplation, the wine cellar of Atrio is even more so from a wine producing point of view. It begins through its large selection of champagnes, with 44 wine cellars, of which 28 are small owners that uniquely prepare with their own vineyards. This is one of the keys of this wine cellar in which worldwide large and well-known respected brands exist side by side in an admirable relationship with the smallest vineyard owners, proprietors of a little more than one hectare and capable of showing us in each bottle the place where the grapes are born. In the wine cellar of there are unique collections of wines. Those brands are hear that every connoisseur fan dreams of, and not in only one year.

In Burgundy, all the Gran Cru, with Montrachet de la Romanée Conti since 1987, the Romanée Conti itself represented by 12 years, many of them also in magnum, 11 wine cellars with its Clos de Vougeot, 6 with its Chambertin. And together with them wines from more humble and less known areas by the public in general, wines over which those that truly understand fight.

In Bordeaux the great Châteaux sleep quietly on the wooden shelves of the wine cellar. 23 years of Petrus, the oldest from the year 1947, 25 of Haut-Brion, 24 of Lafite-Rothschild, with the 1929 vintage the oldest, 27 years of Latour, 23 of Margaux, 42 of Mouton-Rothschild with the paintings of the greatest artist decorating their bottles. To top it all, the collection of Château d’Yquem is preserved and shown on a small chapel, a work or art of the architecture and the wine. 80 different years, the oldest dating from 1806, in which the bottle itself became historical in its own right thanks to the coincident of it being converted later into a legend.

But these do not go beyond being information, figures, and behind the wine cellar of Atrio, more than anything there is passion. The passion from which José Polo began from scratch, seeking and acquiring the most outstanding references, until achieving what, without any doubt, is one of the best wine cellars in the world.


The food is original, beautifully presented and prepared, with good products and raw materials. Being all mouthwatering dishes.

The à la carte menu has a choice of three menus:
- One small, of which 2/2 entries are chosen, a fish or a meat and a dessert for 88 euros.
- The second is the normal menu where you choose 2/2 innings, a fish, a meat and a dessert, this is priced at 98 euros.
- The third option is the tasting menu, this is completely enclosed except allergies or other impediments, this price is 109 euros.


- Strudel anchovy, with a very subtle creams.
- Cappuccino mushrooms and foie. Visually it looks actually like a cup of cappuccino, but when you introduce vertically the spoon you can taste a set of textures that surprises a lot.
- Razor braised, loncheja Iberian sprouts, salad and curry.

- Scallops with mushrooms and basil oil. A well-balanced combination despite the different origins of the ingredients.
- Mullet with citrus cream and false scales. A perfect set of development and with a very original presentation. For me the best dish of this meal, with a spectacular taste of rock and sea, just one of those dishes that you never want them to finish. I would like to highlight the incredible taste of citrus and saffron broth.

- Iberian Pen with foie, honeyed peach and watercress puree.
- Mask Iberian Norway lobster and chicken stock.

- Pineapple caramelized with brown sugar and coconut ice cream.
- Torta de casar, ice cream of the same cheese, accompanied by quince cream and oil. Delicious, especially surprising the taste of ice cream made of torta de casar cheese. Very pleasant textures and contrast with quince and spicy oil.
- Light Sorbet Tiramisu
- Exquisite truffles, the best I've had.
- Petit fours (small bites): small cupcakes, jelly beans, chocolate cake pyramids, etc.

The dish sauces are excellent. The sauce of lobster or scallops is simply wonderful with lemon thyme, not to mention the parts themselves are definitely tasty. Nice contrast between land and sea.

Restaurante Atrio
Plaza de San Mateo 1
(En el centro de la zona monumental de Cáceres)
Tel: 927 242 928 ‎

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