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Azurmendi Restaurant (Larrabetzu - Vizcaya)


- Chef: Eneko Atxa Azurmendi
- Address: Legina Auzoa E - 48195 Larrabetzu
- Contact: Phone: 944558866; Fax: 944558860; E-mail: Website:
- Opening hours: Closing: 23 december - 23 january, monday.
Menu prices
- Menu: (set menu only) 100€/ 120€ A particularly interesting wine list
- Cuisine: creative
- Remarks: The Azurmendi occupies an original glass building that is striking both for its appearance and its impressive views. Inside, the chef creates innovative cuisine with a personal touch that combines quality and unquestionable technical ability.
- Specialities: Caricia de mar, ostra, salicornia, tremella iodada, algas y ortiguillas crujientes con aromas naturales de mar. Pichón, avellanas y hojas. Castañas al sarmiento de nuestras viñas.


Eneko Atxa, is the centre of the artistic and gastronomic Azurmendi Restaurant. He is an expert in starting young people into food and cuisine, besides being able to exceed the expectations of the most sophisticated palates.

Born in the Basque Country, one of the places with the greatest gastronomic tradition, Eneko Atxa, chef of the Azurmendi Restaurant, is a solid reference in the international haute cuisine. Only five years after the opening, Azurmendi has won the third Michelin Star on November 2012, making history in Biscay by becoming the first restaurant with 3 Michelin Stars.

An active mind that cannot stop creating and two skilful hands blend together beautifully, enabling speed, precision and charm. This is the secret of Eneko Atxa’s magic and the reason for his international recognition. Eneko’s passion stems from the most intimate part of his essence. And the fact is that, even though he could had never imagined it, the admiration he felt for the home-cooked meals of his childhood would have paved his way forever.

The Eneko philosophy about cuisine is that his dishes are an experience of what we were, we are and we will be. The kitchen as culture and way of life in the constant search of passing pleasure.

Eneko studied at the Hotel School in Leioa and began his career in haute cuisine of the hand of Martin Berasategui. In recent years we have been awarded many times including among others:

- 2000 Champion of Spain cuisine for young chefs.
- 2000 Best Chef of the Year by the prestigious French gourmet club Fourchettes.
- 2005 Nominee pil-pil to the most innovative technique.
- 2006 The restaurant Azurmendi is nominated for Best Restaurant Revelation within the international summit Madrid Fusion.
- 2006 Chef of the Year by the French Fourchettes Gourmet Club, Best Restaurant Revelation at Madrid Fusion.
- 2007 Awarded a Michelin star.
- 2007 Award for Best Restaurateur Euskadi.
- 2008 Healthy Cooking Award. Awarded by the Forum Gastronomic Gallego. A Atxa Eneko recipe wins the award for its balance healthy cooking food at the same time enjoyable.
- 2010 Award for most beautiful dish given by "The Best of Gastronomy"
- 2010 Awarded two Michelin stars.
- 2013 Awarded three Michelin stars.


Gastronomical Azurmendi is a new space created and designed according to Eneko Atxa’s philosophy and desires. It’s a space that seeks identity and diversity; a space that’s alive, vulnerable, and interdependent. It’s an ecosystem in which space, humans, animals, and vegetables complement each other according to Eneko’s objective: “to delight all who go into it, an accommodating, relatable identity of pleasure that seeks to make something universal from what’s local.”

Eneko had built his restaurant inside a winery in 2005. Two years later he was awarded a Michelin star. In 2010 he was awarded another. In 2012 he moved the 'gourmet' restaurant up the hill. It has been awarded a level of green status that only one other building in Spain has.

The exterior of the building complex is dominated by wood. The interiors have natural light entering through windows from many different sides. The decoration is minimalistic. The tables of diners have good views of the surrounding nature and the kitchen.

The building has the look of a laboratory about it. It is a stark, mainly glass oblong and is cut into the hillside as if it had sat down and wiggled its bottom into soft sand to mould itself in. The views across the valley and on to the mountains are stunning.

The feeling since you walk into de place is to be visiting a dining theme park, all full of surprises, emotions, and sensations that constantly stimulated the five senses.

The different kitchens are separated and have a lot of space. Each chef had his or her own station and everything is always well under control. You could see that everything was planned and executed with high precision.

The staff is very attentive and professional; they always treat you politely and courteously. They know very well the work behind the different dishes and their explanations are clear and interesting.


Its diverse menus are a sensory journey, where textures and flavours are well combined with a large and meticulous attention to detail. Dishes are difficult to make but easy to taste. It perfectly combines the innovation and tradition, always working with great products.

Menu Erroak
- Infusion of red onion skins Zalla
- Our hens egg, cooked in reverse and truffled
- Ravioli Betizu beef wrapped in corn bread and vegetable juice
- Husked roasted lobster, oil cooling herbs and aromas of smoked tea.
- The Orchard
- Flux of homemade sausage, broth Arraño beans, cabbage and slightly spicy flowers
- Seared cod leeks
- Suckling pig comfit, crumbs, acorns and aromas of meadow plant
- Bacon Coffee, rum and milk farmhouse
- Petit fours

Menu Adarrak
- Infusion of red onion skins Zalla
- Our hen’s egg, cooked in reverse and truffle
- Ravioli Betitzu beef wrapped in corn bread and vegetable juice
- Caress Sea; Ostra, Salicornia, Tremella iodine, seaweed and crisp with aromas ortiguilla sea
- Lobster, quail, beet juice and berries of sea bird
- Peas tear gel ham and garlic potatoes
- By way of braised meats, vegetables, anchovies and jowls with chocolates Idiazabal
- Mullets roasted mushroom juice and toffee crisp onion
- Pigeon, "hazelnut", fall leaves forest
- Chestnuts "branch" of our vineyards
- Strawberries and Roses
- Petit tours


- Jello Martini and caramelized cookie, Peanut, and an infusion of red onion skins of Zalla: The reception takes place in a garden or anteroom called the entry to the dining room, the place y is made of different elements such as wood, steel, water and vegetation. At this reception, we can take the first snack that looks like a picnic basket, since the place is a garden. Gelatine and Martini caramelised biscuit, peanut (the inside is a soft cream and you also can eat the shell itself), an infusion of onion skins Zalla.

- Our hens egg, cooked in reverse and truffled: Consists of an egg yolk, which is drawn to inject half truffle juice, the visual aspect is an egg yolk with 2 colours, their own yolk and the black truffle juice, it looks like the ying and yang, is a great example of the classic flavours and most modern manufacturing techniques. It is said reverse because the truffle juice is introduced to very high temperature, thus cooking the inside out. Perhaps the best appetizer I tried in my entire live. The originality of this preparation has a mix and strong and unique flavours.

- Ravioli Betizu beef wrapped in corn bread and vegetable juice: These ravioli are two casseroles; one has the cow's tail, and the other the vegetable juice. This dish combines perfectly, innovation with tradition.

- Caress Sea; Ostra, Salicornia, Tremella iodine, seaweed and crispy ortiguilla flavored sea: an oyster is presented on its own cavity and accompanied by a fungus iodinated, and cuted in a special way that makes it look like an algae. Is also accompanied by a tempura seaweed and anemones. The presentation is accompanied by a cloud of steam that incorporates a marine scent that emphasizes preparation. This set of sensations cause the desired effect, activating memory and fantasy.

- Lobster, quail, beet juice and berries of sea bird: is to harmonize flavours of sea and mountains. The juice mixture Nephrops bird is bold, but with a pleasing result, and both have fine sensations. We also found blackberries sea (roe) with a touch of beet and tiny pieces of quail that that ends in a good combination.

- The garden: is a recipe that recreates a small garden whit tiny carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, fruits of herbaceous plants and flowers sprouting from a mound of earth (beet lyophilized powder). If we remove the earth, we find a cream-mashed eggplant and potatoes.

- Flux of homemade black sausage, broth Arraño beans, cabbage and slightly spicy flowers: A dense concentration Arraño beans, which are part of a bracelet made of garlic, cabbage and edible flowers. On the outside a ball of a thin and tasty spanish black sausage.

- A way of braised meats, vegetables, anchovies and jowls with chocolates Idiazabal: It could be described as a dish where were we can find braised pig's trotters, softened vegetables, and with some chocolates that are a etherification of the Idiazabal cheese. Vegetables are green asparagus and shallots, the base is a trotters broth very concentrated and almost gelatinous. The Idiazábal chocolates explode in the mouth and soften the whole. The dish combines perfectly, innovation with tradition.

- Mullets roasted mushroom juice and toffee crisp onion: A mullet accompanied by sliced mushrooms and crispy ravioli filled with a cream of mushroom, also found a thick juice or broth of their own spines. The mullet is now within many tasting menus of haute cuisine, but the mullet at Azurmendi accompaniments are of higher quality.

- Pigeon, "hazelnut", fallen leaves of the forest: A divertimento dish, served on a cutting board that looks more like a dessert than a second dish. The piece of bird shares the spotlight with vegetables decorated with gold and where hazelnuts are filled with a cream of this nut.

- Suckling pig comfit, crumbs, acorns and aromas of meadow plant: Roasted Pig and boning, and a peculiar taste terrific presentation that resembles a pastry suckling pig.

- Chestnuts "branch" of our vineyards: They are served in a small paper package, when opened appears vine branches smoke that you can inhale, this unique packaging reminds paper cone that are served with roasted chestnuts in winter. Chestnuts are peeled and stuffed with chestnut cream.

- Strawberries and Roses: A pink mousse with strawberry ice cream, sliced strawberries, a rose petal caramelized and crispy. The presentation is a covered container with small holes through which a thin smoke, desprening roses aromas and the set looks like the Aladdin genie lamp.

Restaurante Azurmendi
Corredor del txorierri salida nº 25
Larrabetzu ( Lezama ) Bizkaia
Tel: 34 944 558 866

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