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Bodega Luis Cañas (Villabuena - Rioja Alavesa)


Luis Cañas is both an old and new name in Rioja. The wine history of the family as grape growers goes back 200 years in Villabuena, one of the leading wine villages in Rioja Alavesa, and the firm dates from 1928. However, it was not until 1970 that it started bottling and selling its own wines.

In 1989, there was a generational change, with Juan Luis Cañas taking over from his father Luis and giving the wines an updated profile. In 1994, they built a new winery, and in the year in which “New Rioja” really started to boom, Luis Cañas was certainly one of the wineries that helped make this happen.

Luis Cañas has 90 ha (222 acres) of owned vineyards and rents a further 200 ha (500 acres). Every one of the 815 separate plots they work is treated individually in order to vinify each vineyard separately, depending on varieties, quality, and vine age. The company owns 4,300 barrels, 70 per cent of which are made of French oak, the rest being American.

The hard work has been reflected in the quality of the wines, which has increased tremendously, and they have obtained multiple international awards with some of their more new-wave, high-expression wines.


The winery produces a big range of wines, from the traditional (Luis Cañas Gran Reserva), to the modern (Amarem), and on to the postmodern (Hiru 3 Racimos).

- Luis Cañas Barrel Fermented white 2010: This wine has a golden yellow colour. In the nose is fine, varietal, and elegant, with good balance of wood, lightly toasted, in combination with floral and fruity aromas. On the palate is dry with crisp acidity that gives freshness and vividness, a tasty and structured finish of ripe fruit.

- Luis Cañas Crianza 2009: This wine has a ruby red colour. On the nose is very nice, good fusion of red and black fruits, fine oak aromas. As a whole is very aromatic and even voluptuous, on the other hand in the mouth is smooth, velvety and very easy to drink and enjoy with a good meal.

- Luis Cañas Selección de familia 2005: The wine comes from a selection of very old vines (the minimum age of vines is 45 years), good orientation, good sun exposure, and non-fertile soil that ensures low production. The wine has a cherry red colour. On the nose has good intensity, with hints of fine oak, strong balsamic aromas coming from the oak (eucalyptus, pine, etc). The palate is structured, powerful and has a marked acidity. On the finish is long, complex and balsamic.

- Hiru 3 Racimos:
Tres racimos means “three bunches”. In fact, the wine’s name is quite tautologous, since hiru, too, is the Basque word for "three”. The name comes from the extremely low yields obtained from the very oldest vines, which produce literally three bunches of grapes that are very small but full of flavour. It is a very, very concentrated and well-oaked wine, with a clearly modern accent.

Bodegas y Viñedos Luis Cañas
Area under vine: 90ha (222 acres)
Average production: 1.6 million bottles
Adress: Carretera Samaniego 10, 01307 Villabuena, Álava
Contact: Tel: +34 945 623 373 / +34 945 623 386; Fax: +34 945 60 92 89;

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