viernes, 25 de enero de 2013

Lagar de San Vicente Restaurant (Peñafiel - Valladolid)


Peñafiel’s cuisine is one of its prime tourist attractions. The land owes its international culinary fame to suckling lamb roast in a wood oven, a staple dish in many of the town’s restaurants. Nevertheless, Peñafiel’s gastronomy is constantly evolving and many establishments offer a different cuisine.

El Lagar de San Vicente, is located in Peñafiel (Valladolid), in the driveway just next to the parking lot below the Peñafiel Wine Museum and castle. It is a typical Castilian grill "asador" located in an old traditional winery. Here you can enjoy an exceptional wood-fire suckling lamb cooked in a traditional oven made of clay.

The restaurant's decoration is rustic in style, typical of Castilian grill "asador", as a matter of fact is a stone cave full of old barrels used to store wine.

The cave is open for lunch on weekends, and every day for groups, but you can always go down to visit it from the main dining room, the cave has a depth of 10 meters below ground with an ideal temperature for storing wine and food both winter and summer.

The restaurant is also ideal for business lunches, family reunions and groups, such as baptisms and confirmations.

They prepare traditional dishes, with an extensive menu of steaks, chops, and an interesting selection of fish, vegetables and seasonal products. The typical roast sausage of the area is also very good.

And although the restaurant menu is varied, the specialty is suckling lamb or lamb roast in a wood oven, it is very juicy and taste almost like milk.

The winery has an extensive wine list that is basically dedicated to the Ribera del Duero wine region, also counting with some other prestigious appellations of origin.

El Lagar de San Vicente is characterized by the quality of its raw materials, the expertise of the kitchen, good value, and great service, combined with the originality of its dishes.

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  1. muy recomendable por todo: comida, servicio, local tipico, etc.