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Lola Restaurant (Berantevilla - Alava)


- Address: Mayor 26 E - 01211 Berantevilla
- Contact: Phone: 945337062; Fax: 945337062; E-mail:
- Website:
- Opening hours: Closing: 01 September - 30 September, Monday, Tuesday.
- Menu prices: Carte: 45€/60€
- Type Cuisine: modern
- Remarks: A restaurant with a modern feel accentuated by its designer decor, which comes as something as a surprise given its location. Glass-fronted wine cellar and an area for after-dinner drinks. Cuisine with a contemporary flair.

The place is modern in style, minimalistic, with good lighting. The tables are well dressed, and with a good separation from each other. The cuisine is quite creative with good and affordable prices for quality served, and the portions are generous. With particular emphasis on the use of good products and raw materials. The staff is very correct, friendly and approachable.

According to chef Alberto Molinero "For a good quality modern cuisine is essential to know and master the traditional cuisine". Here we can experience the awakening of the senses and discover the most innovative cuisine of the moment. Original and daring dishes that will delight the most demanding palates and surprise the most curious. Ideal to seduce lovers of good food!

Alberto Molinero opened this restaurant with creative cuisine, in what was once a popular BBQ area (Asador Lola). He won the award for best chef of Castile and Leon in 2007, and the prize for best "tapa" in Alimentaria 2008. From there appeared in the publication’s "Metropolis" and in "El Viajero" with good reviews and, little by little, without making much noise, has been settling his restaurant to became one of the best references in the area.

- Cuisine: Lola's cuisine is amazing. Alberto is not content with making regular dishes he likes to make suggestions and play with flavour and textures. That's the point of his cuisine "to create and be recreated". The kitchen also has the best products and raw material. The carte is seasonal and changes every season emphasizing fresh products at their best.

- Atmosphere and service: The place is located in a small village, the atmosphere here is calm, quiet, and elegant in which the goal is to take care of the clients that’s why the only have total capacity for thirty people. Lola has a good service. The balanced design of the room gives a feeling of being in the right place to enjoy something beautiful and inspiring. The waiters are very attentive in explaining the details of the dishes. The truth is that you feel well served.

- La Bodega: Lola's restaurant has a large wine list with more than four hundred references among which those of different vintages of Rioja and Ribera del Duero and other denominations of the country and other parts of the world.


- Coke and cantarelus marinated smoked sardines, blackcurrant and mint.
- Crab and shrimp salad, pistachios, popcorn nitro tomato, sprouts.

- Toro Tuna carpaccio salad herbs, mustard ice cream.
- Coke and cantarelus marinated smoked sardines, blackcurrant and mint.

- Court of foie gras and gingerbread, cabernet sauvignon reduction, strawberries, goat cheese ice cream.

- Cigala, poultry egg yolks, crumbs and shoots
- Lobster with Mask

In addition to these specialties, we can find many delights to brighten the palate. Your letter is always renewed depending on the seasonality of the product and offers a wide range in which everything moves around a selection of raw materials of the highest quality and freshness.

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