viernes, 25 de enero de 2013

The Gastropub "El Rincón de Alberto" in Logroño (La Rioja)


The gastropub El Rincón de Alberto is located in the Calle San Agustín the most famous tapas area in Logroño (La Rioja). It is a small gastronomic bar and restaurant, in which the quality of food and raw materials are exceptional, accompanied by the best wines of rioja and the world

This new initiative is run by the young Alberto Andrés Contreras, a great professional who has already over fifteen years experience.

The menu is presented handwritten in a notebook, is very interesting an original because Alberto only buys at the market the best and most fresh products.

Great food, friendly atmosphere and good service. Alberto's is a very enthusiastic, friendly and professional; you can tell that he really likes what he does. Highly recommended!


Gastropub or gastrolounge refers to a bar and restaurant that serves high-end wine, beer and food. In Spain the popular concept of tapas in gastrobar acquires a dimension of creativity that brings you closer to haute cuisine.

The Gastrobar is named a bar-restaurant that attempts to bring haute cuisine closer to the public, serving tapas at affordable prices (at least that's the intention in many cases). Unlike a common bar in a gastropub you can find small tables where you can sit down and there is table service. The concept of gastrobar in Spain was born as inspiration for the British gastropubs, where Michelin star chefs wanted to get closer to the general public in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The gastrobar also can be considered an 'internationalization' of the Spanish tapas concept of cuisine imported to different countries, with a more advanced and modern vision. It is said that the concept comes from the financial crisis of 2008 with the intention of lowering the prices of haute cuisine dishes and bring them to the public. The first grastropubs in Spain were the "Estado Puro"  of Paco Roncero in Madrid and Barcelona, the "Tapas24" of Carles Abellán and now in Logorño we have the "El Rincón de Alberto".

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