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Château La Rose de Palenne Bordeaux AC (Organic) 2009


"Château La Rose de Palenne is an organic wine and is supple, round, modern and fleshy wine with copious ripe fruit aromas, floral notes and soft tannins. Food & Wine match: Enjoy with red meats and soft cheeses". farehamwinecellar

- Winery: Château La Rose de Palenne is located at Sainte-Colombe, near Castillon, 40 kms East of Bordeaux on the ridge of Saint-Emilion appellation. The estate is run following agro-biological and organic methods under the control of the certifying organisation Ecocert with no herbicide and pesticide. Utilisation of copper, sulphur and vegetal preparations like nettle help to strengthen the natural equilibrium of the plant. Château La Rose de Palenne has a vineyard area covering 5.5 hectares. These southerly orientated vineyards have clay and calcareous soils and have a natural slope which means they are very well draining. The vineyards are planted with 60 % Merlot, 35 % Cabernet Franc, 5 % Cabernet Sauvignon.

- Price: £9.61


Over the years, with growing health and environmental consciousness, organic wines have gained significance. As a result, wine producers all over the world are looking into creating such wines. The definition and legal enforcement of this term varies significantly from one country to another, and laws about use of the term are evolving.

For a beverage to be classified as `organic wine´ (vin organique in French), the grapes must be sourced from a vineyard that follows organic viticulture, utilizing naturally occurring substances instead of the industrially produced chemicals used in conventional viticulture. The idea is to take the `prevention rather than cure´ approach to grape growing; creating a healthy bio-diversity and soil is considered paramount.

Another criterion is that organic wines can be produced without the addition of sulphur dioxide (S02), although very few countries legally enforce this rule as S02 is still considered the most effective anti-spoilage agent. In the European Union for instance, a label may say `organic´ but allow a certain amount of sulfites in the wine.

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