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Domaine Jones Blanc, Grenache Blanc, IGP Cotes Catalanes


"Domaine Jones Blanc has an intense and richly fruited nose with notes of melon and pear, as well as herb and spice notes. The palate is textured and broad with rich melon and herbs. Food & Wine match: Try with a medley of fresh Summer dishes, juicy scallops, wild mushrooms or roast chicken. Jones Grenache Gris is also great by itself as an aperitif". farehamwinecellar

“A while back I was enthusing here about Grenache Blanc, and several people told me to keep an eye out for Grenache Gris. Well, I found one – it’s from Domaine Jones, whose wines I reviewed a while back. The packaging is very stylish and so is the wine. Presumably Grenache Blanc, Gris and Noir are the same variety, as with Pinot, just different clones (although we like to think of them as separate varieties). 13% alcohol. From an 80 year old Grenache Gris vineyard under the Queribus castle. Lovely hint of matchstick reduction on the nose. It shows broad, rounded, ripe pear fruit with just a hint of vanilla. Nice texture and depth with mineral freshness. 91/100 June 2012, www.wine-anorak.com

- Winery: Jones Blanc is a white wine from Domaine Jones, a new winery in the Languedoc Roussillon Wine Region. Domaine Jones is owned and run by Katie Jones. Katie was the Sales and Marketing Director for the Mont Tauch co-operative in the Languedoc for nearly twenty years, until she fell in love with a small 3.5 hectare vineyard in the Maury Valley in 2007. The vineyard, in the shadow of Queribus Castle and surrounded by wild scrub or garrigue, consists of over 8000 vines on slopes of black schist planted with Carignan, Grenache Noir, Grenache Gris and Muscat. The vines are here are predominantly over 70 years old. The vine age, altitude and stony, slate soils produce naturally very low-yielding vines. The lower the yield, the higher the quality. The wine-making philosophy at Domaine Jones is to employ traditional, down–to-earth farming methods and innovative winemaking techniques to capture the characteristics of the terroir and the local area. Domaine Jones wines are only produced in very small quantities – this truly is boutique wine-making. They really are hand-made wines that have a surprising purity and freshness, due to the relatively high altitude of the vineyards that is unusual for wines from this area. Katie is helped by locally-based Australian wine-maker David Morrison, part of the new wave of wine-makers in the south of France making contemporary style wines from traditional areas. Katie has quickly learned wine-making and also does most of the work in the vineyard herself. Katie says of her wines: “I use traditional, down-to-earth farming methods, and want my vineyards to express themselves naturally, I’ve also employed new, innovative wine making techniques to enhance the character of the wines.” Domaine Jones Blanc is 100% Grenache Gris and is categorised as an IGP (Indication Géographique Protegée) Cotes Catalanes.

- Origin: Languedoc and Roussillon
- Dominant Grape: Grenache Blanc
- Alcohol Level: 13.0%
- Price: £12.99


Vin de Pays des Cotes Catalanes is one of two Vins de Pays de Zone within the Pyrenees- Orientales administrative department in the southern Languedoc-Roussillon wine region of France. The other, Vin de Pays de la Cote Vermeille, takes in only a small area in the far southeastern corner of the department, around Banyuls and Collioure. This leaves the Cotes Catalanes covering a relatively large area of coastal plains and low rugged mountains - the foothills of the Pyrenees.

As with almost all IGP / Vin de Pays titles, Cotes Catalanes wines are red, white and rose. They are made predominantly from those grapes which have proved successful in the Roussillon region, both traditionally and more recently. The typical Vin de Pays des Cotes Catalanes wine is produced from such varieties as Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Carignan for reds, and Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris, Muscat and Chardonnay for whites.

The mountainous topography in the west of this area, coupled with the coastal plains in the east, mean that the mesoclimates and terroirs are
highly varied. As a result, the wines made under the Cotes Catalanes title can be equally varied. However, those produced from a single variety (of which there are an increasing number) are subject to taste testing by an official panel, charged with judging whether a wine expresses the true varietal nature of the grapes it contains. This process - a legal requirement since the VDP review of September 2000 - imparts a certain level of reliability to these wines.

In 2009, the Vin de Pays (VDP) title in force since the 1970s was supplemented with Indication Geographique Protegee (IGP) - its EU equivalent. French wine authorities have actively promoted the use of IGP, which acts as a legal statement of quality and origin throughout the eurozone. Wine producers retain the right to use either title.


Grenache Blanc (Garnacha Blanca in Spainsh is the light-skinned form of Grenache Noir. Native to northern Spain, Grenache Blanc is best known as a southern French wine and a member of the Chateauneuf-du-Paoe blend.

The light-golden and straw-colored juice of Grenache Blanc is increasingly produced as a varietal wine, though its use as a softener in a blend is still more common. It typically displays green-apple and stone-fruit aromas, though it is very sensitive to its environment and this will have a profound effect of the final wine.

In hot and dry climates such as that found in Roussillon (where about a third of France's Grenache Blanc is grown), the variety can struggle to achieve good acidity. However, like its red-skinned relative, Grenache Blanc is highly resistant to drought and its tenacity serves it well in windy, arid regions. It is also a vigorous vine that can reach high alcohol levels if left unchecked.

In Spain, Garnacha Blanca is grown in the northeast and is most commonly blended as part of various regional wines. Because it is regarded Grenache Blanc Grapes more as a behind-the-scenes workhorse, the words 'Garnacha Blanca' or 'Grenache Blanc' do not often appear on the front label of wines in Spain and France respectively.

In California, Grenache Blanc is widely grown on the Central Coast, in particular San Luis Obispo County. The cooler southern reaches of the region allow the variety to develop crisper acidity and more mineral characteristics.

Synonyms include: Garnacha Blanca, Gamatxa Blanca, White Grenache.

Popular blends include: Southern Rhone blend (white); Grenache Blanc-Grenache Gris.

Related grape varieties include: Grenache/Garnacha. Grenache Gris.

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