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Ecologically clean grapes without mineral fertilizer and chemical disease’s protectors on the vineyards


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Complex solution of the problem of the production of ecologically pure harvest and its preservation, the improvement and restoration of soil, the increase of its fertility, as well as the protection of plants from diseases in agro-technologies of agricultural crops during the application of ecologically pure preparations F-S and FF-S on the basis of humic acids and microbiology of the company "BB"

The application of packages of the unique preparations “FS” and “FFS” on the basis of pure humic acid and microbiology allows to avoid of usage of copper-bearing preparation and to produce higher quality of natural grape juice and wine.

The Russian company is dealing with the questions of food and ecological safety 18 years and has the technology of getting ecologically clean products in any soil-climatic zone.

Complex solution of the problem of the production of ecologically pure harvest and its preservation, the improvement and restoration of soil, the increase of its fertility, as well as the protection of plants from diseases in agro-technologies of agricultural crops during the application of ecologically pure preparations F-S and FF-S on the basis of humic acids and microbiology of the company "BB"


Food and ecological safety... how often have we heard this word combination recently. The world community is concerned about the decision of these two major problems. We are what we eat and drink and what we breathe... Only if we approach the decision of these prior in a global scale problems in the right way, we can talk about the future of humanity. It is not a secret for anybody, that the consumer’s character of our civilization has threatened the existence of the whole creation on earth. Finally, most of the people began to understand that the man is not the king of nature, but only a part of it and that he should understand the laws of its development and try not to break them, and should not try to dictate his own laws to it. After all, the man, his life and health fully depend on the state of the biosphere.

The united criterion for evaluation of the environmental safety of the natural ecosystem and its sustainability is the inviolability of the natural habitat of the main biocenosis and its ability to recover under anthropogenic impact.

According to the statistics, 20% of the land surface is threatened by desertification. 40% of humid tropical forests were destroyed, and they are a kind of the lungs of the earth. The process of deforestation is going with incredible progression - more than 40 hectares per minute. The problem of drinking water becomes more acute. The "water famine" is growing every year. At the same time the release of sewage into the freshwater pools is not decreased. On a large scale there goes the emission of toxic waste of production and everyday life in the form of solid, liquid and gaseous products. For example, in the USA only for 1 sq. km of the surface there are about 100 tons of industrial wastes per year, including 30 tons of harmful waste. The destruction of the ozone layer is in progress. The Sources of pollution are different: both natural (volcanoes, forest fires) and man-made.

The ecological situation in Russia worsens, the level of pollution is close to the critical one. The rivers such as the Ob with tributaries, the Volga, the Don, the Miass are in danger. In the cities of Moscow, Novosibirsk, Lipetsk, Barnaul, Magadan, Samara and in several tens of cities the atmospheric air pollution exceeded permissible norms 10 times!

The population is growing faster than the food supply. According to the UNO, only one third part of the population is provided with food, 50% of the population of Africa is on the verge of hunger, several millions of people die of malnutrition here. This problem can be solved by increasing crop yields, livestock productivity; the improvement of the structure of agricultural branches; the redistribution of food resources between countries, more rational use of agricultural lands.

The "Rome Declaration on world food safety" refers to the duty of any state to ensure the right of every person to the access to safe for the health and full-fledged food in accordance with the right to adequate food and the right to freedom from hunger.

Food security is one of the main objectives of the agrarian and economic policy of the state. In its General form it generates the vector of movement of any national food system to the ideal state. In this sense, the desire for food safety is a continuous process. At the same time to achieve it there often occur changes of the priorities of the development and the implementation mechanisms of the agrarian policy. It is necessary to provide the citizens with the food supply, at its lack of production on the internal market makes us purchase it abroad.

Supplied on the domestic market the flow of imported products has led to the fact that the buyer has actually remained not legally protected from many kinds of counterfeit goods.

It is known that one and the same foreign company can produce three categories of one and the same product:
- for internal consumption;
- export to other developed States;
- export to developing countries, including Russia.

The special symbol of the manufacturer fairly warns, that the goods manufactured with the use of hazardous for the health preservatives and additives, and products with the mark, for example, E 102, E 131, E 330 – are not just "doubtful", but also "dangerous", "prohibited" or even "carcinogenic"!

Today Moscow buys 73% of food abroad (for comparison, in 2004 this figure was 65%).

At the present time processing plants of Moscow, St. Petersburg and some other cities produce their products from imported milk of very low quality up to 70-80%.

In recent years State Trade Inspection usually rejects from 35% to 70% of analyzed samples parties of meat and sausages, cheese, butter, alcohol, tea and coffee, imported to Russia from abroad. The reason for this is low consumer and sanitary qualities of products.

The main guarantee of food safety for human health - its certification and standardization in accordance with the adopted Federal laws "On the protection of the rights of consumers", "About certification", "On standardization" and other.

However, the country still has not created the conditions for the implementation of these laws, including imported products. For example, at present, the Russian market is flooded with melted butter, in which there is no milk fat, butter, which according to organoleptic characteristics corresponds to the fat-and-oil products, manufactured in Russia. We can give many examples of this kind.

Russia is a country with huge resources in all respects, capable to provide itself fully with basic food, both with crop production and animal husbandry. But here is a big problem in the fact that our technology of obtaining of agricultural products is obsolete, mainly based on the use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides. Due to the application of mineral fertilizers there occurs the destruction of soil biota and the disintegration of the humic acids - the main source of natural soil fertility. As a consequence of this, hundreds, thousands of hectares are annually excluded from the agricultural turnover as a result of their complete exhaustion. There occurs huge soil degradation. Manufactured products (especially greenhouse vitamin green products) are rich with nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals, pesticide residues, etc.

Annually in the world more than million tons of pesticides are produced. Only in Russia they use more than 100 individual pesticides in the total annual volume of their production - 100 thousand tons. The most contaminated with pesticides areas are the Krasnodar territory and the Rostov region (on average about 20 kg per 1 ha). In Russia 1 kg of pesticides is the share per inhabitant per year, in many other advanced industrial countries of the world this value is substantially higher. World production of pesticides is constantly growing, as well as the production of mineral fertilizers. Often scientists engaged in the decision of problems of soils and crops forget that everything is closely interconnected. Of course, the application of mineral fertilizers temporarily increase the harvest of agricultural crops, but, being chemically aggressive they cause a chemical strike and destroy the basis of soil fertility - its humic substances. As a result of the application of mineral fertilizers there occurs the destructurization of soil. Being assimilated by plants by 17-22% readily soluble mineral fertilizers are weathered and washed out of the soil horizon, and sparingly soluble are accumulated in the soil, transferred into the inaccessible for plants form and cause the alleged deficiency of nutrition elements, during which the soil is abound in nutrients that are located in inaccessible form. As a result the soils become dead, unable to give the necessary growth and development of plants. Violation of the soil structure leads to the fact that the surface layer acquires dust-like structure and during the wind rises into the air and transports for considerable distances. Strong winds cause dust storms, which not only pollute the air, but also contribute to the depletion of weak fertile soil horizon. Waste and waste production leads to intense pollution of soils. In our country more than a billion tons of industrial waste is annually produced, more than 50 million tons of which are highly toxic. Huge areas of land are occupied by landfills, gold dumps and etc., which intensely pollutes the soil, and their ability to self-purification, as it is known, is limited.

A huge harm to the normal functioning of the soil offers gas-smoke emissions of industrial enterprises. The soil has the ability to accumulate very dangerous for human health pollutants, such as heavy metals.

Today we can’t talk about food safety separately from the environmental safety. These two concepts are rather closely interconnected. It is impossible to obtain ecologically pure products in areas with high gas content or high level of radiation, on the lands contaminated with toxic substances or oil products. And there are practically no ecologically clean regions left on our planet.
It is necessary, first of all, to neutralize everything negative and then to restore the soil fertility, to be engaged in cultivation of agricultural crops. This process is long and lasts for tens of years.

The planet's population is steadily growing; the demand for food is also constantly increasing. New highly productive varieties and breeds are invented, often by genetic engineering. Today, even a child knows that the systematic use of the GMO food can cause mutation of the body.

Each new stage of development of the civilization has more and more negative impact on nature exhausting and destroying it. It seems that there is no exit from the vicious circle, but that is not true. This could be avoided if to pass on new ecologically pure technologies offered by Russian company "BB".
The company "BB" since 1995 has set itself the basic task - to find the ways of the production of ecologically pure food products and to restore the fertility of the soil in short terms, to neutralize the harmful anthropogenic impact, as well as to develop the technologies of the recovery of ecosystems after natural disasters in the shortest possible time. With this purpose we created unique ecologically pure dry peat-humic fertilizers "F-S" and "FF-S". The fundamental product is "F-S" - a unique mixture of pure humic acids. On its basis we established the preparation "FF-S", which is the basis not only for agriculture. In this preparation we introduced a registered natural strain of the bacteria Bacillus subtilis (strain VKPM V-7048), which effectively fights with the putrefactive and pathogenic microflora both in the soil and on plants. The strain refers to the number of probiotics. The preparations "F-S" and "FF-S" working in a complex allow to solve the most diverse and complex problems.

The preparations are included in the State register of the Russian Federation (xxx), their ecological purity and safety is confirmed by the environmental certificate ROSSRU: XXX, as well as the international certificate ISO 14001:2004 from 23.07.2010
Humic acids are the batteries of the soil organic matter - amino acids, carbohydrates, pigments, biologically active substances and lignin. In addition, in humic acids valuable inorganic components of soil are concentrated - elements of mineral nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), as well as micro-elements (iron, zinc, copper, manganese, boron, molybdenum, etc.). Under the influence of natural processes occurring in the soil, all of the above mentioned components are included in the united molecular complex.

Let's take a closer look what influence they have on the soil. In heavy clay soils the preparation "F-S" contributes to the mutual repulsion of clay particles due to the removal of excessive salts and the destruction of a compact three-dimensional structure of clay. As a result, the soil becomes more friable, excess moisture is easier evaporated from it, the flow of air improves, which makes breathing and promotion of the roots easier. When introduced into the lungs of soil humic acids envelop and glue between the mineral soil particles, contributing to the creation of a very valuable waterproof crumby-granular structures, improving water-throughput and water-holding capacity of the soil, the air permeability. These peculiarities are conditioned by the ability of humic acids to gelation. The retention of water is due to the formation of hydrogen connections between water molecules and charged groups of humates, as well as adsorbed on them ions of metals. As a result the evaporation of water is reduced on the average by 30%, which leads to the increase of absorption of moisture plants in arid and sandy soils. The formation of dark coloration. Humic substances color the soil in a dark color. This is especially important for areas with cold and temperate climate, because of the dark color the absorption and accumulation of soil solar energy improves. As a result the temperature of the soil increases.

By its nature, humic acids are polyelectrolites. In the complex with organic and mineral soil particles they form the soil absorbing complex. Possessing a great number of different functional groups, humic acids are able to absorb and hold in themselves coming into the soil nutrients, macro- and microelements. Held by humic acids nutrients are not connected with the soil minerals and are not washed out with water, being in the available for plants condition. The application of the preparation "F-S" increases the buffer capacity of the soil, that is, the ability of the soil to maintain a natural pH level even during excessive entering of acidic or alkaline agents. That is, they are able to withdraw the excessive acidity of the soil, which eventually gives an opportunity to sow in these fields the crops sensitive to acidity.
When adsorbing the nutrients and micro-elements, they contribute to their movement from the soil into plants. When applying the preparation "F-S" there is a clear tendency of increase in the content of mobile phosphorus (1,5-2 times), the exchange of potassium and assimilated nitrogen (2-2, 5 times) in the arable layer of the soil.

All the micro-elements, being transition metals (except of boron and iodine), form with the humates mobile chelate complexes, easily penetrating into the plants, which ensures their assimilation, and iron and manganese, according to the scientists’ view, are assimilated only as humates of these metals. The hypothetical mechanism of this process comes to the fact that humates under certain conditions are capable to absorb ions of metals, freeing them when changing conditions. The accession of positively charged ions of metals is due to the negatively charged functional groups of humic acids (carboxyl and hydroxyl, etc.). In the process of absorption by the roots of plants water soluble humates of metals come to the cells of the root at a short distance. The negative charge of the root system exceeds the negative charge of humates, which leads to the detachment of metal ions from the molecules of humic acids and the absorption of ions by the cell membrane. Many researchers believe that the small molecules of humic acids along with the fixed on them ions of metals and other nutrients can be absorbed and assimilated by the plant directly. Due to the described mechanisms the soil nutrition of plants improves, which contributes to their more efficient growth and development.

Humic acids are the sources of available phosphates and carbon for microorganisms. Molecules of humic acids are capable to form larger units, in which there is an active development of colonies of microorganisms. Thus, the application of the preparation "F-S" significantly intensifies the activities of various groups of microorganisms, with which the mobilization of soil nutrients and the transformation of potential fertility in effective are closely connected. Due to the growth of the number of silicate bacteria there is a constant replenishment of assimilated by the plants exchange-potassium. The preparation "F-S" increases the number of soil microorganisms decomposing the sparingly soluble mineral and organic phosphorus compounds, as well as improves the provision of the soil with the assimilated reserves of nitrogen: the number of ammoniating bacteria grows three - five times, and in some cases a tenfold increase in of ammoniators was recorded; the number of nitrifying bacteria increases 3-7 times. Due to the improvement of conditions of life activity of free-living bacteria almost 10 times increase their ability to fixation of molecular nitrogen from the atmosphere. As a result this soil is enriched with the available nutrients. In the decomposition of organic substances there is produced a large quantity of organic acids and carbon dioxide. Under their influence the hard-to-reach mineral compounds of phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium are transferred to the available for plants form.

Irreversible binding of heavy metals and radionuclides. This property of the preparation "F-S" is especially actual in the conditions of increased anthropogenic load on the soil. Compounds of lead, mercury, arsenic, Nickel and cadmium released during the combustion of coal, the work of the metallurgical enterprises and power plants into the soil from the atmosphere in the form of dust and ashes, as well as with the exhaust gases of motor transport. At the same time, the level of radiation contamination in many regions significantly increased. When being applied in the soil the preparation "F-S" irreversibly connect heavy metals and radionuclides. As a result there form the insoluble sedentary complexes, which are derived from the cycle of substances in the soil. Thus, the preparation "F-S" prevents the penetration of these compounds in the plant, and, consequently, in agricultural products. Along with this, the activation of microflora when applying the preparation "FF-S" leads to the additional enrichment of soil with humic acids. As a result, due to the above-described mechanism the soil becomes more resistant to anthropogenic pollution. Due to the activation of the activity of soil microorganisms the decomposition of toxic organic compounds formed during the combustion of fuel, as well as pesticides, is accelerated. A unique multi-component composition of humic acids of the preparations "F-S" and "FF-S" allows them to effectively absorb hard-to-reach organic compounds, reducing their toxicity for plants and humans.

Getting into the plant the preparations "F-S" and "FF-S" increase the activity of all the cells of plants. As a result the cell energy increases, the physical and chemical properties of protoplasm are improved; metabolism, photosynthesis and respiration of plants are intensified. As a consequence, cell division is accelerated, and therefore, the overall growth of the plants is improved. Improvement of plants’ nutrition. As a result of application of the above mentioned preparations the root system is actively developing, the root nutrition of plants, as well as the absorption of moisture, is intensified. The intensification of the root nutrition contributes to the complex impact of humic substances on the soil. The increase in the biomass of plants and activation of metabolism leads to the intensification of photosynthesis and accumulation of carbohydrates by plants.

Increase of stability of plants. The preparations "F-S" and "FF-S" are nonspecific activators of the immune system. As a result of processing significantly increases the resistance of plants to diseases, as well as to the unfavorable factors of the environment, the high and low temperatures, over-wetting and drying up, strong winds and other negative factors. In addition, the preparation "FF-S" has unique protective features and when being used in a proper way protects plants, as well as products, laid for long-term storage of the putrefactive and pathogenic microflora. Extremely effective is to steep the seeds in the solution of humates in order to prevent the seminal infections and in particular root rots. But only the preparation "FF-S" is capable on the microbiological level to conduct the rejection of seeds, and not just to protect them from the negative impact of external factors. The bacterium with the help of humic acids penetrates through the pores inside the seed and starts to destroy pathogens in it. If the infection has not struck the germ – the bacterium will destroy the pathogen, humic acids will increase the energy of germination, as well as the immune system of the future plant and all this in the complex will give the increase of the crop and the decrease of the ripening period of the production. But if the germ itself is struck - the bacterium, destroying the pathogen, will destroy the sick germ and the seed won’t germinate.

As a result of such processing the development of weak unproductive plants is initially excluded.

During the whole vegetation period, the preparation "FF-S" protects plants from all the fungal and bacterial diseases, such as the black leg of seedlings, late blight, the true and false mealy dew, scab, Fusarium, pod spot, leaf blotch, early blight, grey, white, fruit rots, mildew and powdery mildew and other diseases of fruit, berry, vegetable, grain, oil crops, decorative, and other cultural and wild-growing plants.

When processing plants and soil with the preparation "F-S" increases the permeability of the cell membranes of the root. As a result improves the penetration of nutrients and minerals from the soil solution in the plant. Owing to it the development of the root system is improved, the fixation of plants in the soil is increasing, that means the plants become more resistant to strong winds, runoff as a result of abundant precipitation and soil erosion. Especially effective in crops with a weak root system: spring wheat, barley, oats, rice, buckwheat.

The development of the root system intensifies the absorption of plant moisture and oxygen, as well as soil nutrition. As a result the synthesis of amino acids, sugars, vitamins and organic acids in the root system increases. The exchange of substances between roots and soil is growing. Emitted by the roots organic acids (coal, apple, etc.) actively influence the soil, increasing the availability of nutrients and micro-elements. Complex application of preparations "F-S" and "FF-S"  allows to increase the root system of plants 1.7 times, which is especially important on soils prone to wind and water erosion, as well as in the technologies of Sands’ cessation. It is the application of these preparations which allows you to fully restore the lost soil fertility and to create a real Paradise on the sands, returning them to full application. Acting jointly humic acids and bacteria create an all-sufficient and self-regulating ecosystem. These technologies on the control of desertification of lands and the cessation of the sand movement are worked out and are of great practical interest.

A unique complex of humic acids allows effectively and in the shortest possible time to restore the soil fertility after natural disasters (fires, mudflows, floods and etc.). All the technologies are based on the laws of nature development and not conflicting with it help to increase the speed of processes of self-healing.

Complex application of preparations "F-S" and "FF-S" in contaminated waters restores their life potential, allows in the shortest terms to neutralize chemically aggressive substances, improve the fauna of water bodies, and remove putrefactive processes (souring of water reservoirs). As a result of this the reservoirs gain a second birth, and their flora and fauna become viable. In clean water the spawning of fish is fully conducted, baby fishes are not affected by infectious diseases, and, therefore, occurs the normal restoration of the lost natural resources.

Humic substances, no doubt, influence the growth and development of plants. Even in the conditions of large cities, experiencing a huge load of toxic substances getting on the trees, bushes and grass, landscaping our cities, which are so to say "light" modern cities, allowing people to breathe normal air, plants, processed by the preparations "F-S" and "FF-S"  do not suffer from great stress, as the immune system of plants is at the highest level, and humic acids can most quickly neutralize the negative influence from the outside, block heavy metals, reduce radioactivity, neutralize the effect of acid rain, as well as the solutions of chemical reagents used in the winter time.

So, to summarize all the above mentioned, I would like to note that soil organic matter serves as a source of nutrition elements for plants. Microorganisms, expanding humus substances, supply plants with nutrition elements in the mineral form. Humic substances contained in the preparations "F-S" and "FF-S" have a significant impact on the complex of soil properties, influence the development of the plants, improving the physical-chemical, chemical and biological properties of the soil stimulate more intensive growth and development of plants, connect toxins and radionuclides, and as a result contribute to the production of ecologically pure production. Possessing unique properties the preparations are capable in the shortest terms to solve the problems of food and environmental safety not only of a single region or a country, but of the entire planet in general, as they can be applied in all the soil-climatic conditions, on all the types of soils, on any of the plants.

For clearness, let us imagine the possibilities of the preparations "F-S" and "FF-S" in the comparative table, where for the comparison we took standard used in most of today's farms mineral fertilizers and chemical means of protection of plants from diseases.

The advantages of DPHF "F-S" and "FF-S"  over mineral fertilizers and means of plant protection.

Using these preparations in complex, we in the shortest terms can:
• return lands withdrawn from agricultural circle, increasing their agricultural value;
• significantly improve the water-physical and physic-chemical properties of the soil;
• reduce acidulation, carbonate content and soil salinity, limiting agriculture;
• thanks to the protective function of the humic acids transfer heavy metals and other hazardous or radioactive elements, including toxic industrial waste and environmentally hazardous chemicals, into the inert, inaccessible for the plants form, thus raising the ecological properties of the soil;
• decompose toxic substances up to the safety components;
neutralize the consequences of oil spill;
• neutralize the dampening effect of chemicals on the plants;
• improve the quality of the seed material and the conditions of its storage;
• conduct the rejection of the seeds on the microbiological level, which can not be done by any other preparation;
• ensure the optimal growth and development of plants in any phase of the vegetation period, which leads to the increase of crop capacity by 20-40%, and sometimes even 90%, and the decrease of the ripening period of the crop, to the lack of putrefactive diseases on plants and soil.
• improve the quality of the processed products (juices, canned food, wines, etc.)
• provide the safety of the collected crop by 85-95%;
• fully restore the natural soil fertility;
• protect plants from the complex of major diseases (black leg, powdery mildew, false powdery mildew, phomosis, late blight, fusarium, etc.) ;
• decrease the sanitary-epidemiological situation in places of people and animals gathering, including the coastal zone;
• improve the viability of spawn and young fish in artificial and natural reservoirs;
• increase the viability of adult fish;
• decrease the toxic effects of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae);
• secure the coastline of water bodies;
• stop the desertification of lands;
• quickly restore the soil fertility after natural disasters - fire, flood, mudflows, etc.;
• decrease the toxicological impact of megacities on the plants used for landscaping of cities, raising thereby, their viability and service life;
• increase the nutritional value of fodder in cattle breeding;
• improve the immune system of animals, and, therefore, reduce the necessity of application of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals in livestock breeding, which have an adverse impact on the quality of the meat, milk and other animal products;
thanks to all the above-listed we can receive ecologically pure production in any region;
• due to the unique action of the preparations in any soil-climatic zone, on any plants we can at the same time solve the problems of food and ecological safety in different corners of our country and the planet as a whole.

Long-term experience of application of the preparations on the territory of the Russian Federation shows the possibility of obtaining stable harvests of high-quality products without additional application of mineral and organic fertilizers, as well as the means of protection from diseases. The benefits of such technologies are also the relatively low cost of the preparations and ease application. For these preparations you do not need special storage, as well as means of individual protection in the process of work. There is no waiting period. The preparations can be used in any period of plant vegetation, including the period of flowering, fruit ripening, in any soil-climatic zone and on any crops.

Preparations "F-S" and "FF-S" found recognition and approval from producers of agricultural production, farmers and gardeners. Peat-humic fertilizers don’t have analogues in Russia and abroad, and are protected by the patent of the Russian Federation. Type of fertilizer application - without any restrictions. Fertilizers are ecologically pure and do no harm to the environment and people.

For high results in the tests PHF "F-S" and "FF-S" were awarded with Diplomas and Gold medals of exhibitions, are were the winners of the Regional Competition "the Best Altai goods 2000- 2003" (golden medal of the contest), became three times the Winners of the Program "100 best goods of Russia", the Laureates and winners of the Sign of the Program "Russian quality", the Laureates of the competition "the National Ecological award-2005", were awarded the Golden quality mark of the XXI century, the golden medal of the exhibition "Ecologically clean and safe products", a Large Gold Medal of the exhibition "Siberia - Kyrgyzstan - 2004", the Big Golden Medal of the exhibition "Siberia - Kazakhstan: Pavlodar - the gate to the market of Kazakhstan - 2004.", the gold medal of the "ECO - STYLE of LIFE! - 2005", the gold medal "European quality" Saint-Petersburg 2009. In 2009, the preparations were included into the Russian Book of records and achievements", and sent into the World's edition of "the Guinness Book of records".
Company "BB" provides the full author's support. There are proven technologies for practically all the cultures. These technologies without causing harm to nature allow to obtain high yields of ecologically pure production both in plant growing and animal husbandry, as well as to solve many other problems.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact Andrey Khaustov by phone +7-985-761-8095 / +7-903-761-8095 or by email agh_06@mail.ru

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