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Bodegas Nairoa (Alberte Treixadura) - D.O. Ribeiro


DO Ribeiro is located in Galicia on the north-west edge of the province of Ourense where the valleys formed by the rivers Miño, Arnoia, Avia and Barbantino meet, an area of 30 km2 with 2,685 hectares of vineyards. There are indications that wines were produced in Ribeiro as early as 200 BC. Since then, winemaking has been a cultural and economical reference in this region, promoted by the Camino de Santiago. During the 16th century their wines achieved widespread recognition and the first steps were taken to guarantee quality. Wine records show Ribeiro wines were exported all over Europe especially Great Britain. There is even documentary evidence revealing that in 1592, 127 barrels of Ribeiro wine, costing 190 Reales, were loaded on aboard a ship at the Port of Ferrol bound for America! DO Ribeiro, one of Spain’s oldest, was officially recognised in 1933. 85% of wine produced is white, mostly with the high quality native variety Treixadura as well as other authorised whites, Loureira, Albariño, Torrontes, Godello, Lado, Macabeo and Albillo.

White Ribeiro is known for its freshness, elegance, subtleness and complexity, slight acidity and fruity, floral characteristics and a pleasantly smooth and delicate palate. Average yearly production stands at 14 million kilos of white grapes and 2 million kilos of red (Sousón, Brancellao, Caino and Ferrón).

Vineyards in Ribeiro lie between 75 and 400 m above sea level, several on steep terraces known locally as “localcos” or “bocaribeiras” that follow the contours of the land. The soils have a depth of between 70 and 100 cm of basically granite origin with a high content of stones and gravel which improves the structure of the soil and reflects sunlight onto the vines. The area's distinctive climate is due to its sheltered position and its southern location in Galicia. The land is well protected by natural barriers from sub-Atlantic storms and enjoys an Oceanic-Mediterranean eco-climate, making it damp with mild temperatures having an annual average of 14.5degC. Average annual rainfall is 950mm, but the Mediterranean tendency of the climate ensures that the average temperature may be twice as high during the summer months. This mixed Oceanic and Mediterranean climate allows the grapes to ripen while preserving their aromas and acidity.

Established in 1999, Bodegas Nairoa is a modern winery situated on the banks of the Arnoia River in a traditional manor house of Galician-style architecture. It was originally owned by Camilo Alberte, a small colleiteiro producing top quality wines. After his death, the winery was bought by a group of neighbours and friends to carry on his good work. Each vintage undergoes a rigorous selection of high quality grapes and a traditional vinification using the latest technological advances. Nairoa produce “high expression” wines, personal, complex and harmonious working closely with their native Treixadura, a fruity and floral variety with similar characteristics to the Albariño . The Nairoa vineyards, 24 hectares in total, are located on the sunny slopes of the region of Arnoia at a medium altitude of 400 metres above sea level, where the granite soils and the Atlantic climate encourage the growth of healthy and top quality vines. The low yields accentuate the varietal and the “terroir” characteristics. Oenologist: Serafín Medina.


- Wine making: 80% Treixadura and 20% Albariño. Hand-harvested in 15 kg baskets with rigorous selection in the winery. Stainless steel fermentation. Static stabilisation. Very light filtration. Production 50,000 bottles.

- Tasting notes: "Pale bright yellow colour with greenish reflections. Intense aromatic nose predominantly of a  fruital character, peach, citrus, pears, but also delicate, floral aromas. Lovely freshness on the palate, balanced acidity, ripe pears, apples, stone fruits and floral notes, confirming the initial aromas, unctous, silky, perfectly balanced with a lingering finish. Very enticing, a wine that invites you to take another glass. Ideal with soft cheese, pasta, risottos, shellfish and white meats". burridgewine

Mundus Vini 2012 - Gold Medal
The CWWSC 2012 - Silver Medal
Challenge International du Vin 2012 - Silver Medal
Brussels International Wine Competition 2011 - Silver Medal

- Price: £10.00


- Wine making: 40% Treixadura, 30% Torrontes, 30% Palomino. Elaboration: Classic with soft destemming. Fermentation: In stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. Macerations: Static stabilisation, soft filtration

- Tasting notes: "Bright golden colour with greenish tints. High expression, white stone, floral fruit aromas. Clean, fresh, smooth on palate with a vibrant acidity and harmonious palate. Perfect with seafood, shellfish, risottos and pasta". burridgewine

- Price: £15.00


Treixadura or Trajadura is white Portuguese wine grape variety grown primarily in the Vinho Verde wine region of northeast Portugal and the Galician wine regions of Ribeiro and Rías Baixas in Spain where the variety is known as Treixadura. The grape is primarily a blending variety that adds body and light lemony aromatics to wines. It is most commonly blended with Loureiro and Alvarinho in Rías Baixas while in Ribeiro it is often blended with Torrontés and Lado.

- Wine regions: In Portugal, Treixadura is primarily found in the Minho wines of Vinho Verde which includes 58,000 hectares (143,300 acres) of DOC plantings near the Spanish border and another 12,000 ha (29,650) outside the DOC boundaries. While Alvarinho is the most widely planted white grape in this region, Treixadura is grown and blended with Alvarinho as well as Loureiro, Paderna, Azal Branco and Avesso.

In Spain, while Treixadura is most commonly found in the Rías Baixas and Ribeiro Denominación de Origen (DO)s, it is also found in other Galician wines such as the Monterrei DO where it is blended with Dona Blanca, Godello and Palomino. In Rías Baixas the grape is often blended with Albariño (Alvarinho), Loureira, Caino blanco, Torrontes and Godello. In Ribeiro it is often blended with Albariño, Albilla, Godello, Palomino, Loureira, Macabeo and Torrontes.

- Synonyms: In addition to its Spanish synonym Trajadura it has also been known as Treixadura blanca, Teixadura blanca, Tragadura, Trinca dente, Trincadente, Trincadeira and Verdello Rubio.

The synonym Trincadeira is shared with red Portuguese grape variety Tinta Amarela with most references to Trincadeira usually pertaining to the red grape instead of Trajadura.
Source: burridgewine and wikipedia

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