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Tuggy Mayer of Huntsworth Wine Shop in London


Many people know the name Tuggy Meyer better than the name Huntsworth wine itself. 108 Kensington Church street was originally a small family-owned antiques shop run by Tuggy and his mother. Tuggy started The Huntsworth Wine Company back in 1990 whilst selling wine from the small office in the back of the shop. In 2004, the shop underwent a massive re-design, changed names, and the current incarnation of the Huntsworth Wine Company was born.

They are a truly independent and traditional wine merchant that sells wines from across the globe but specialize in Bordeaux and bottle-aged Grand Cru Classé whilst aiming for the most reasonably priced wines in any London retail shop. They are based in the heart of Kensington, just south of Notting Hill Gate and predominantly look after private individuals who simply share their interest and love of good, great and exciting wines.

Aside of Bordeaux they also have wines from across the globe with prices starting at £7.50 but becoming truly interesting around £10-15. Another key aim is to stock vintages with a good bit of bottle age. Such as 1989, 1990 & 1995 Bordeaux; 1999 & 2002 Burgundy; 1998 Rhône; 1994 Spanish; 1997 Italian and so on. Even in the everyday category they try to stock wines with a bit of age and often sell them for a similar price to those who stock the “current” vintage.

The shop, though small, is not cluttered and overwhelming like many others. You can take your time, stand back or even take a seat and look at the wines without being surrounded on all sides. The wine posters are original early 20th Century as are most of the fittings.


They regularly host private and corporate tastings. These will be completely tutored to the customer needs, recent tastings have included: Right Bank vs Left Bank Bordeaux; France vs Rest of the World; White Burgundy vs New World Chardonnay; and a tour of Champagne. They can accommodate up to 12 people, with 10 being the perfect number as one can sit comfortably around the same table. The shop can be totally cleared to accommodate 40 people standing.

Unlike other companies here they do not charge you for their time or for the evenings use of the shop, the money spent on the tasting will go 100% on the wine, same price as off the shelf, with any food charged at cost. This, of course, means you get particularly good value as the same wines enjoyed in a restaurant would most likely cost 3 or 4 times the amount.

For example at £1,250, one might be drinking Châteaux Lascombes & Trottevieille 1990 whereas an increased budget of £2000 one will be including some of the greatest names in the world of wine such as Vega-Sicilia; Yquem; Bruno Giacosa; Angelo Gaja; Krug; Kistler Vineyards; Haut-Brion and so forth. 

For the more academic minded they also have a tasting panel of renowned and multi-award winning wine writers such as Andrew Jefford, and Michael Schuster who are available at their standard day-rate, or actual winemakers like Mark Haisma. Further availabe, the highly entertaining Tom Harrow, which will ensure an amusing evening.

Huntsworth Wine Co. Ltd,
108, Kensington Church Street,
London W8 4BH.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday - 10 am to 7.30 pm
Saturdays – 10 am to 6 pm

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