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Vin Neuf - Independent Wine Merchants in Stratford-upon-Avon (Warwickshire - England)


Vin Neuf Limited, launched in April 2002, and is a family run independent wine merchants specialising in fine wines, champagnes, ports and Sherries from around the world. They supply to the restaurant trade as well as retail customers. They also regularly cater for weddings, corporate events, wine tastings for hen parties and all manner of other private events. 

No matter how large or small your order, they will be delighted to tailor their wines to meet your requirement.

July 2006 saw the opening of the first retail shop in Stratford-upon-Avon. The shop benefits not only in being positioned in the centre of the town but they are fortunate to have a unique cellar and tasting forum.

- Telephone: 01789 261 747
- Email: info@vinneuf.co.uk
- Web: www.vinneuf.com
- Opening Hours: Monday 9.30am – 4pm / Tuesday – Saturday 9.30am – 6.30pm
- Adress: 9 Union St, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire CV37 6QT, UK


- James Richards (Manager & Wine Buff): Started in the wine trade in 1995 for Wine Bin Ends, a small independent wine merchants based in Cambridge. It was during the year spent working for them, that James’s love of wine emerged. Several years elapsed before the birth of Vin Neuf in 2002 and by 2005 James obtained a WSET diploma from Coventry University.

- Olivia Richards (Retail Manager): Olivia manages retail sales and all local deliveries. Currently studying the family WSET books, her wine knowledge continues to blossom! Olivia has an excellent palate and is invaluable at trade tasting events.

- Paul Richards (Wine Taster):
The senior Richards family representative, now semi-retired, is nevertheless a key member of Vin Neuf wine merchants. When not travelling in these exotic climes, he is found on the stacker truck late at night unloading lorries at our Warehouse.

- Lynne Fairbairn (Retail Assistant): Lynn, one of the fledgling members of the Vin Neuf team, jumped at the chance of supporting the Richards family with wholesale deliveries and retail sales. Her background is in acting and Customer Service training – and she is extremely proud to be working with undoubtedly the finest vintners in Warwickshire. Lynn hails from the North East so you may hear her dulcet tones when she gives you a call or when you pop into the shop; you will always receive a warm welcome.


The wine trade in Britain continues to grow, and although the consumption per capita is still no way near that of our French cousins, here in the UK are showing a healthy increase.

The high street nowadays has numerous wine retailers generally stocking the same wines, as well as the ever-growing supermarkets, and together they account for the largest proportion of the total UK wine sales.

However, in their opinion, although the range available on the high street has greatly increased there are still many bland wines and far too many branded wines.

Vin Neuf strives to offer more a interesting and carefully selected range of wines, many of which are not necessarily more expensive. Although they maintain their focus on wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon (and neighbouring regions) they also have a very healthy portfolio of other wines from around the globe.

They are always very happy to hear of wines you like and where possible will source them for you and even stock them.

You may not recognise the names of all the wines listed but they hope you will trust their judgement and advice. Ultimately, they do hope you enjoy their wines as much as they have in selecting them.


For those who are unable to visit the shop but like the look of their wines, you can use this new look webshop launched in December 2013.

The online shop site is being designed to compliment the Vin Neuf retail shop in the heart of Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Here you will find easy navigation to a select choice from the world of fine wines, champagnes, ports, sherries and organic juices.

Finding a decent wine shop is your key to getting more out of wine, tha´s why you should consider also adding your name to their mailing list and receive updates on our latest wine offers. They also send wine news, information on wine tasting events and much more…

When ordering on-line is highly recomended enter your postcode to ensure the correct delivery address. They endeavour to deliver the majority of orders themselves within their delivery area: (B/CV/WR) postcodes via the Vin Neuf Van (VNV) and the charge is only £6.95 (Courier: £12.00 depending on postcode and weight). However, if the van is already on a scheduled delivery within your area, delivery will be free, so when they call you back to take payment they will arrange the best delivery date to suit.

Delivery will be within 2 working days. Please note when they send wine with their courier the price includes special transit packaging to ensure the wines arrive safely. Please also note that deliveries to Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man, The Isle of Wight, The Scilly Isles and some areas of Scotland may take longer and are subject to a surcharge.

It is regrettable that the London Congestion Charge where applicable will also be passed on to the buyer. Despatch will generally be within 48 hours, or a maximum 5 working days from receipt of order. The seller shall not be liable to the Buyer for any loss of any nature arising as a result of any delay in making delivery.

All goods should be examined upon receipt, and any claim for loss or breakage notified by e-mail, fax or telephone forthwith. In case of goods delivered by couriers unless any claim is made within 24 hours, no compensation, refund or other credit will be available.


They hold regular informal wine tasting evenings in our cellars in Union Street, Stratford-upon-Avon. By ‘informal’ they mean you need to have no prior knowledge of wine, but just the love of grapes, good company and a ‘joyeux de vive’. The tastings are generally held every month on a Thursday evening.

Ticket prices are £20.00 per person and includes a glass of wine upon arrival and canapés with 8 wines on tasting (ticket prices may vary depending on the wines selected)

Vin Neuf offer canapés as an addition to Vin Neuf private wine tastings, corporate hospitality, corporate events and Hen parties. They offer a selection of freshly prepared vegetarian, fish and meat canapés to complement their wines and their service can be provided either in their own cellars, or at a preferred venue of your choice.

Vin Neuf Canapés provides an ‘add on’ facility to enhance your event, taking away any hassle that can come with entertaining and ensuring a sensational event with delicious wines and canapés provided together.


Vin Neuf has a team of passionate, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable staff that will help you to:
- Develop your wine tasting skills
- Learn about the influences on the taste of wine in your glass
- Explore a wide range of wine regions and grape varieties


This wine comes from the best grapes from the winery, all from vineyards over 20 years. These are wines that reach the winery Gran Reserva quality; 16 months in oak barrels. Color ruby red with purple tones. Intense aroma of fruit. Pleasant complex flavors and intense aftertaste. Well conserved at temperatures between 15 º and 18 º develop its great qualities and will become a type Gran Reserva, after 3 or 4 years.


Stratford-upon-Avon (/ˌstrætfərd əpɒn ˈeɪvən/, known locally as Stratford) is a market town and civil parish in south Warwickshire, England. It lies on the River Avon, 22 miles (35 km) south east of Birmingham and 8 miles (13 km) south west of Warwick. It is the largest and most populous town of the non-metropolitan district Stratford-on-Avon, which uses the term "on" rather than "upon" to distinguish it from the town itself. Four electoral wards make up the urban town of Stratford; Alveston, Avenue and New Town, Mount Pleasant and Guild and Hathaway. The estimated total population for those wards in 2007 was 25,505.

The town is a popular tourist destination owing to its status as birthplace of the playwright and poet William Shakespeare, often regarded as the world's greatest playwright of all time, receiving about 4.9 million visitors a year from all over the world. The Royal Shakespeare Company resides in Stratford's Royal Shakespeare Theatre, one of Britain's most important cultural venues.

- History: Stratford has Anglo-Saxon origins, and developed as a market town during the medieval period. The original charters of the town were granted in 1196, making Stratford over 800 years old. The name is a combination of the Old English strǣt, meaning "street", and ford, indicating a site at which a road forded a river. The "street" was a smaller Roman road connecting the larger roads Fosse Way and Icknield Street.

In 1769 the actor David Garrick staged a major Shakespeare Jubilee over three days which saw the construction of a large rotunda and the influx of many visitors. This contributed to the growing phenomenon of Bardolatry which made Stratford a tourist destination.

- Geography: Stratford is close to the Cotswolds, with Chipping Campden 10 miles (16 km) to the south. The Cotswolds was a major sheep producing area, up until the latter part of the 19th century, with Stratford as one of its main centres for the processing, marketing, and distribution of sheep and wool. Consequently Stratford also became a centre for tanning during the 15th–17th centuries. Both the river and the Roman road served as trade routes for the town.

Suburbs and areas of Stratford-on-Avon include Shottery, Bishopton, Bridgetown, Tiddington, and Old Town.

- Tourism: The regular large influx of tourists is the major source of the town's prosperity. Stratford is a major English tourist town due to it being the birthplace of William Shakespeare, who is often recognised worldwide as the greatest playwright of all time. In 2010 the District Council spent £298,000 on tourism promotion and supports an official open-top tour bus service. In 2010 Stratford-on-Avon District Council launched a re-branded official tourism website for the Stratford area called Discover Stratford after opening a new tourist information centre on Henley Street in May 2010, which has since moved back to the original location on Bridgefoot.

- Economy: Apart from tourism, which is a major employer, especially in the hotel, hospitality industry and catering sectors, other industries in the town include boat building and maintenance, bicycles, mechanical and electrical engineering, food manufacture, Information Technology, call centre and service sector activities, a large motor sales sector, industrial plant hire, building suppliers, market gardening, farming, storage and transport logistics, finance and insurance, and a large retail sector.

Major employers in the town include the NFU Mutual Insurance Company (and Avon Insurance), AMEC, Sitel, Tesco, Morrisons, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, B & Q and Pashley Cycles. There are, nominally, three theatres run by the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company, which attract large audiences and income for the town.

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