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Hotel Santos (Guarda - Portugal)


Hotel-Keeping is an “historical building” recently enlarged, where we can contemplate a centenary beauty (the city’s wall) enhanced by an amusing and pioneering environment, ideal to the cold and typical evenings of  the city of Guarda in a welcoming atmosphere.

- Web:
- GPS: 40º 32'16''N - 07º16'06''W
- Phone: +351 271 205 400 / Fax: +351 271 212 931
- Direction: R. Ten. Valadim 14, 6300-764 Guarda, Portugal
- Email: /

The hotel was and has always been, a “family business” that, after 1972, gained a more professional side which led to the construction of the Residential Gonçalves located in the old square of this beautiful city. The Residential could be distinguished from the others by its simple and pleasant environment.

In 1981, the business expanded into the historical parts of the city giving birth to the Residential “Belo Horizonte”, to be found in S. Vicente neighbourhood. 10 years later appeared the “Pensão Santos”, right next to the Ferreiros Tower.

Aiming to offer their clients the best conditions and services, they bet in an only hotel unity which led to a complete reconstruction and remodelling of the “Pensão Santos”, the actual “Residential Santos”.

- Guided Tour: Hotel Santos has a rustic interior which contrasts with the modern architecture, very pleasant and of great comfort. Ideal for cold evenings in a familiar environment. The Hotel has to offer its guests several living-rooms, where the sun enters directly from the ceiling giving a sense of peace of mind and relaxation.

- Localisation: Located in the heart of the city, in the historical centre, it is ideal to a walk trough the main tourist points of Guarda.

The easy access to all commercial business and typical restaurants without needing transportation, are some of the proofs of its great location. Enjoy monuments like the “Sé cathedral”, the “Ferreiros Tour” or the “Menagem Tour”,

- How to arrive there:

From Lisbon: Follow the A1 highway, Porto direction. Take the A23 highway, from “Torres Novas” to Guarda. Once you enter in the city of Guarda, follow the directions to the centre of the city. Near the “Igreija da Mesericórdia” Church Square, follow the indications to the “Torre dos Ferreiros” . Right next to the Tower you will find the “Residencial Santos”.

From Porto: Follow the A1 highway, Lisboa direction. Take the A25 highway direction Vilar Formoso until you reach Guarda. Once you enter in the city of Guarda, follow the directions to the centre of the city. Near the “Igeija da Mesericórdia” Church Square, follow the indications to the “Torre do Ferreiros” . Right next to the Tower you will find the “Residencial Santos”.


Guarda (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈɡwaɾdɐ]) is a city and a municipality in Guarda District, Beira Interior Norte sub-region in Centro Region in Portugal. The population in 2011 was 42,541, in an area of 712.10 km². The city of Guarda was founded by King Sancho I in 1199. The present mayor is Álvaro Amaro, who succeeded Joaquim Valente. The municipal holiday is November 27.

- Geography: Guarda is the largest city in its district, capital of the Guarda District and the Beira Interior Norte Subregion within the Centro region. The municipality is bordered by Pinhel to the north, to the east by Almeida, to the southeast by Sabugal, to the south by Belmonte and Covilhã, to the west by Manteigas and Gouveia, and to the northwest by Celorico da Beira.

Guarda is the highest city in continental Portugal (altitude 1,056 m), located to the northeast of Serra da Estrela (the largest mountain in mainland Portugal). The main attraction in Guarda is its cathedral, known as the Sé da Guarda. Guarda is a diocese of the same name.

Guarda railway station is served by the railway line Linha da Beira Alta, with international services towards Salamanca and Madrid, and domestic services to Pinhel, Vila Franca das Naves/Trancoso, Celorico da Beira, Gouveia, Nelas, Carregal do Sal, Santa Comba Dão, Mortagua, Luso/Buçaco and Pampilhosa. The station at Guarda has (2013) eighteen daily arrivals and departures of passenger trains and there is a small freight terminal. The section of the Linha da Beira Baixa, which ran from Guarda through Belmonte/Sabugal, Covilhã, Fundão, Castelo Branco and Abrantes to Entroncamento, was closed in 2010 between Guarda and Covilhã. The track is now partially lifted, thus making it unusable.

The main motorways are A25 (Aveiro, Viséu, Guarda, Vilar Formoso) and A23 (Guarda, Covilhã, Fundão, Castelo Branco, Abrantes, Torres Novas). Numerous motorcoach (long distance bus) services use these motorways to link Guarda with Porto, Lisbon and other Portuguese cities.

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